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How do I install a Tremolo bar onto a Femder Squier Strat?

i have one of those guitars in those value pack things at guitar center where it comes with an amp and a Fender Squier Strat and I would like to install a tremolo bar onto it. Can I do this myself or do i have to give it to like a shop to install it? I already tried twisting it into the hole and i've used tremolo bars before so im pretty sure that i need to do something with the guitar. When I open the back plate of my guitar it has three large springs. Do I have to take on out? I really have no idea whatsoever so if you could please explain thoroughly on how to install a tremolo bar onto a Fender Squier Strat that would really be great. thanks.

p.s. the tremolo bar came with the package along witht he guitar and amp so im sure its the right one that is suppose to fit


Hey there!

The springs in the back of your guitar are there to keep tension on the bridge of your guitar - don't mess with them unless you know what you're doing.

The box came with everything you need, because the trem does indeed screw right into that little hole at the bottom of the bridge. Some guitars, particularly those with locking nuts, have more complex trem bar assemblies, but strat types are almost always simple screw-ins.

put the short end into the hole and just keep twirling it around. it might take a minute for the screw to find purchase on the thread, which is what I think went wrong when you tried it the first time. Don't screw it completely tight - give yourself a little slack.

when you're done, a word of warning: strats aren't particularly well-suited to steve vai-style divebombs: this will mess up your tuning for sure. strat whammies are meant for fairly reserved vibrato, unless the guitar has been modified.

good luck!

Amp Tremolo Bar

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